Manager Member Services

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Full-time Allows remote

Application Deadline : February 12, 2018 Start Date : Mid-Late April 2018

Position : Manager Member Services, Toronto Ultimate Club (TUC)

Terms of Employment: Full Time Permanent

The Manager Member Services (MMS) represents the internal face of the organization, supporting the membership and assisting with the implementation of TUC’s programs by:

  1. Overseeing all aspects of league and field operations
  2. Managing communication directly with the membership including all internal club promotion and customer service
  3. Organizing and implementing all player development initiatives and programs
  4. Planning and executing club events
  5. Reporting directly to the Executive Director (ED)


The Manager Member Services is responsible for 4 primary portfolios.  The successful candidate will possess applicable experience in these roles.

League Administration

  1. Main point of contact for all leagues issues 
  2. Manage and organize field allotment, create all league slots for each season, update and manage potential conflicts
  3. Set up and manage electronic registration and scheduling for all leagues
  4. Ongoing league management – track rule issues, organize spirit prizes, and all other administrative work tied to league management
  5. Generate seasonal league reports, analyze and propose improvements to the Executive Director
  6. Manage field, facility, and permit applications and inventory
  7. Initiate, plan and implement league programs to enhance member experience and Spirit of the Game
  8. Ongoing collaboration with Executive Director on implementation of new league programs and offerings


  1. Manage and act as the Primary point of contact for all membership inquiries including at a minimum non-office hours while Club events and or activities are taking place, and or, make arrangements for an appropriate substitute contact to be available.
  2. Ensure a “fresh social media presence” for the organization with regular electronic communications for general league/events/club information on; twitter, Facebook, website, etc., as appropriate
  3. Daily customer service management including phone calls, email inquiries, and or in person interactions 
  4. Escalating to Executive Director when necessary pursuant to Club Policies
  5. Develop, manage, implement, and monitor all internal promotional strategies – member facing branding, community building, loyalty development, Hall of Fame, Alumni, etc.
  6. Ensure all Member policies are accessible and understandable and as appropriate directly communicated to the membership and or event participants
  7. Strong communication and open dialogue with members, Committee Members, and Board members

Player Development

  1. Initiate, plan, organize, implement, manage and control ongoing programs to support membership player development – clinics, juniors, women, other development, etc.

Event Management

  1. Plan, budget, organize and execute league and other club events – average one per month including effective resource management
  2. Manage and execute club volunteer program - recruitment plan, timelines, volunteer schedules, hour tracking, volunteer appreciation, etc.


The successful candidate will possess the following mandatory qualifications:

  • Minimum 3 years experience in sport/league administration
  • Proven planning and decision-making skills
  • Program development and event planning experience
  • Strong communication and organization skills
  • Flexible working hours
  • Valid Ontario Driver's License

The following assets are considered desirable:

  • Project management background and/or certification
  • Experience working with youth and developmental initiatives
  • Good understanding of the game of Ultimate and the rules


The Toronto Ultimate Club is an equal opportunity employer.  We thank all candidates for their interest in this position, and advise that only those candidates to be interviewed will be contacted.  Please no telephone calls.